Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – Mimosa gives you the option to pay for your plans annually. When you pay annually, you will save 10% on your bill and will be charged up front at the start of each annual billing cycle.

All of our plans are entitled to a minimum of 3 months commitment.

Please reach out for an initial consultation! We will give you a clear breakdown with respect to your university's size, students, and long term goals. Our inbox is always open!

To give a brief rundown, WeChat is China's biggest social media platform. Chinese mobile users spend 1/3 of their phone time on WeChat. Brands and organizations advertise on WeChat to reach the 1.2 billion users through the most engaging platform in China.

Weibo is China's 2nd biggest social media platform, and the most vocal social media platform. It's the Twitter of China. The majority of Weibo users are high-school and college aged. Weibo's monthly active users reached 515 million last year.

With WeChat and Weibo, students can be updated on campus happenings, latest press releases, new and exciting courses, student and faculty interviews, upcoming events and promotions, job and internship opportunities, alumni connects, event recaps and photos, etc.

We find that weekly 30 minute Skype/Zoom meetings with our clients are very helpful to keep everyone on the same page. We set an agenda with achievable goals the week before and go over the works completed along with any insights we’ve discovered during the week. 

First, we will target your university posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Instagram. With the exception of LinkedIn, all western social media outlets are blocked in China.

Second, we professionally localize posts that meet a certain criteria that's relevant to our audience.

Third, we publish to your University's official Weibo and/or WeChat accounts upon approval. This is a streamlined process.

Lastly, we export timely analytics on engagement rates and results from our custom backend. From there, we analyze and tailor our based on what our users want to see.

Whether it's marketing for a specific upcoming event or promoting an in-person event in China, we can help! Please reach out for specific project inquiries.

We also offer discounts beyond annual plans.

We establish the lead and pass it to your person of contact, typically an international admissions officer.

Yes. Our Essentials and Professionals Package includes Weibo and WeChat marketing. Our Immersion Package is custom tailored for different platforms like Zhihu, XHS (XiaoHongShu), etc. Please reach out for a consultation.

Mimosa is not a recruitment agency. We help you establish your university's localized Chinese presence, but we don't do recruitment on your behalf. We act as your stand-in marketing agency until you have a dedicated office for China.

Absolutely! Please see the Immersion package for Chinese versions of websites and brochures. We typically create mini sites for China, which are quick to deploy and has the most up-to-date information.

Community building and engagement for both prospective students and alumni are at the heart of the work that we do. Please reach out to learn more.